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Web Design

You've booked a package. What's next?

Organising your structure and content


Wix is a great platform to build your business. Now let's make sure your website has all the tools you need for success

Have you booked one of our Wix design packages and are now wondering what to do next?

We have listed here the next steps to start the Wix website design process with us.​ If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Good planning is key to success

Cracked Concrete Wall

Before speaking with a member of our

creative team, you should :

Before the scheduled call, you should think about what key CTA (call to action) messages you want to send to your visitors; do you want them to buy something or sign up to something or inform them of something? Think about what it is you want to achieve from your site and what you want it to do.

Our team will ask you a series of questions to gain insight into the type of site you are looking for, including its design, functionality, intended audience and your deadline for launching your site. Please think about how you want your site to look like, what you want it to do for your business and customers and when you want to launch it.

After speaking with a member of our

creative team, you will now need to :



Prepare a sitemap - listing all the pages you want us to include in your new site and also the order of which these pages should appear in and whether they should be main pages or sub-menu pages or linked to external sites/pages.



Prepare any images, video and text content you want to use on your site and send these over to us via Dropbox (, or via our gmail email address.


Style Guides

If you already have a branding/corporate identity guidelines book, please forward this to us. If not, please have a think about fonts and colour schemes you wish to use. We can provide mood boards if you would prefer us to do this for you. You can check out our pinterest boards for inspiration.


App Market

Do you want us to add and set up certain apps on your Wix site from Wix's App Market. Please make a list of the ones you want us to include in your website build so these are installed ready for the site's launch.


Social Media

Have you set up social media accounts for your brand/company? Please send us the links to each of these so we can add social media links to your site.



Think about which keywords you want your site found by in Google and other search engines and send over 10 keywords to us. We will use these later to set up your SEO.



Check out our Wix Website Planner 
- it helps you
organise your content and design

Plans are nothing, planning is everything

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