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BETA news: Wix launches its own new site search bar

Today Wix launched it’s own search bar app for BETA testing. As a Wix Partner, we are in the BETA testing programme so we get to try out the new apps before they are released to the general public.

After adding it to our own website, so far we have to say we are impressed (if you want to test it, check it out on our footer). It automatically adds a search bar to your header and then sets up a search results page, both of which can easily be customised, which our creative team likes as it means you can make it match your site’s site.

We like the way the results are divided up into categories: All, Pages and Products as it makes it super user friendly and quick to find exactly what you are looking for, plus it searches your product/shop pages as well which is a huge plus as not all search apps currently do that.

Wix informs us that the search results/suggestions will soon be displayed in a dropdown format - particularly useful for mobile sites. Analytics will also be available for the searches made on your site as well.

There are bound to be a lot more tweaks and upgrades to it before it is launched, but keep an eye out for it in the coming months as we think it will be a useful addition to your Wix sites.

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