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Global pandemic creates an e-Commerce boom in Argentina

Latest data from the CAC (Cámara Argentina del Comercio Electrónico) shows that in the first half of the year, invoicing has doubled from the previous year reaching highs of 630 billion pesos.

We have ourselves witnessed a dramatic increase in the numbers of enquiries for website designs and redesigns coming from Argentina and other South American countries in the last year. When South America went through some of the longest shutdowns and quarantines in the world, where physical shops and restaurants were forced to close for months on end, we found many business owners opened online shops as an alternative.

CACE business chamber have said that in the first half of 2021, invoicing grew 101% from the same period last year. This came from results of a study by Kantar for CACE.

“Among the headline takeaways from the Estudio MID 2021 report, released to mark the 15th edition of eCommerce Day Buenos Aires, more than 120 million products were sold online via 80.3 million online purchase orders.

Food and beverages, garments and domestic appliances (also including furniture and decoration) were the top three best-selling categories.”

“The 120.9 million products acquired via 80.3 million purchase orders represents the fastest growth ever for e-commerce (47 percent up from MID 2020).

Among the notable findings: 16 percent of Argentines purchased online for the first time during the pandemic; Clients are mainly young (51 percent are aged between 18 and 34) and predominantly from lower socio-economic strata (65 percent belong to segment D).

“This reflects that we find ourselves in an increasingly mature and reliable industry with ever more Argentines picking the online channel and expressing great satisfaction with their online purchasing experiences," said CACE Director Gustavo Sambucetti, as he presented the report.

As for user trends, mobile telephones continue to be the favourite instrument for both searches (74 percent) and purchases (54 percent).

“We observe a major change in consumer patterns, last year most online purchases were made to acquire basic products for use inside the home while now buyers are more interested in acquiring services related to leisure and entertainment, thus triggering a huge projection of growth for these categories in the medium term,” offered Sambucetti.”

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