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How to choose the right Wix template for your business

If you’re looking for a quick way to build your Wix website, one route you can go down if you want to build it yourself is by choosing one of Wix’s ready made templates to customise yourself.

Wix has many hundreds of different templates to choose from, with different styles, colour schemes and functionality, but how do you find the right one for your website?

1. Decide what you want your website to do

Before you start looking at different templates, the most important thing is to decide what you want your website to do. 

Is it an information only type of website? Should it be a lead generation type of website where you want to collect information from people in the form of getting them to contact you through a contact form, subscription, or them filling out a database style form. Or are you looking to sell a product, take a booking, or have media files in forms of music or video on the site. 

Deciding it’s end purpose is important as it will tell you what you need to have on your site. This will then tell you what functionality you need and knowing the functionality and apps you will need, will help you decide on the design.

2. What kind of look or style are you wanting to achieve? Do you want bright colours and patterns or more of a minimalistic approach?

There are hundreds of different types of template style - some are minimalist and monochrome, others use bright colours (sometimes even clashing colours), patterns, animation sequences, parallax scrolling and videos.

Starting with a template in the similar style to the one you are looking to achieve for your brand can be helpful in getting you started. Also, don't forget you can use the Wix ADI feature to help build a site and you can even select colour schemes there also.

3. Don’t limit your template perusal to templates within your business sector, look outside the box

If you’ve seen a template you like the look of and functionality of but it isn’t for your business sector, it doesn’t matter, it’s a template. That means you can customise it with your own branding and make it work for your business.

4. Make sure you check out the mobile version If your prospective customer base is one that will predominately access your site via a mobile, make sure you also check out the mobile versions of the site templates you are considering and that these would work well for your customer.

The Wix mobile site is editable through the Wix Editor, but making sure you have a template you like the mobile design and layout will save you a lot of time.

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