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How to get the best experience from the Wix Arena when looking for a Wix Web Designer

TP digital have been listed on the Wix Arena as Wix Pro Designers for over five years now. Every day we get many Wix Arena quote requests from people around the world needing help with their websites. We spend a lot of time every day responding to these requests. A lot of the requests we receive are very vague when it comes to a brief and so we have to ask more questions to fully understand what the client is looking for to give them an accurate quote. This can be time consuming both for the Web Designer and the potential client.

To try and help you and your Web Designers speed up the Wix Arena request process, we have put together a quick checklist to help you get the information ready that you will need when you look for a Wix Web Designer in the Wix Arena. This will help ensure that the Wix Web Designer will fully understand your requirements and reply quickly with a quote so you can start work as soon as possible on your new website.

Things to prepare/think about before contacting designers in the Wix Arena:

1. What do you want your site to do?

Do you want your site to be a basic information site? Should it act as your online portfolio if you are an artist or designer? Or do you want to sell something and have an online store?

2. What do you want your site to look like?

Do you have an idea on what you want your site to look like with regards to colour scheme, graphics etc. Mention this in your brief to your Web Designer as it may mean that the site will be quicker to produce for them and so you may get a cheaper quote.

3. How many pages do you want on your site?

This is something Web Designers need to know as it determines how much time will be need to be spent working and designing your site and so will affect the quote. The more pages you need, the longer the site will take the Web Designer to build and therefore the larger the quote generally.

4. Do you need any special functionality or coding on your site?

This is something your Web Designer needs to know so they can make sure they can do the coding work and all factor this into the estimated delivery time and quote. Complex coding can take a while to create and test.

5. What is your budget?

This is important to think about, as you can search Wix Designer by budget level and also when you put in your work request you can add your budget. If your budget is too low, some Wix Designers will reject the work as their fees are higher than your budget. Please be realistic with your budgets, even simple small websites can take at least a full day’s work to produce.

If you have a very small budget it may be better to build the site initially yourself and then hire a Wix Designer to edit your site for you for a few hours (at an hourly editing rate - this is a service we offer) or perhaps just redesign the homepage to start with.

6. When do you want the site to go live?

Please be realistic about this. If you want a large site of over 15 pages and have over 100 products to be loaded, a Wix Designer will not be able to do this within two days. Our estimated turnaround time is usually two weeks, which allows for one round of editing per page, but if additional edits are required then this may take longer.

When posting your Work Request, you should fill out as many details as possible about the project as this will greatly help your potential Web Designers get back to you quickly with an accurate quote for the work and not keep emailing you asking for further details.

Most Web Designers will reply to your request in the first instance by email, so be sure to also check your junk email folder just in case a reply has gone astray. We always send quotes by email rather than on the phone, so that each party has a physical written copy of the quote and terms to refer back to.

Lastly, one thing we feel we must point out: Wix certified Web Designers that are listed in the Wix Arena will not produce your website for free. Wix may be a free platform in which you can build you own site for free, but if you want a Wix certified expert (who have many years of experience, training and knowledge in this specific area) to build a site for you on Wix they will charge you at an industry rate.

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