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How to prepare your website for the Christmas and New Year holiday season

We thought we would put a checklist together for you to help you prepare your website for the upcoming holiday season:

  1. Set up any special Christmas or Holiday sales, promotions or discounts

  2. Consider adding a festive touch to your website with some holiday graphics to get into the Christmas spirit.

  3. If your business is to close for the holiday season, use a banner or a welcome bar to announce how long you will be closed for and when you will be reopening.

  4. Send out a newsletter wishing your customers a Happy Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy New Year. Consider adding a special coupon or discount voucher they can use in the New Year to attract new purchases. For this you can use the Email Marketing tools found in your Wix site dashboard - they even have some great Christmas/Holiday templates ready for you to use!

  5. Alert Customers to any posting delays caused by the shutdown over the holiday season

  6. Make sure your contact details are up to date and your contact form is working and consider adding Wix Chat app (found in the Wix App Market) to your site so that people can easily get hold of you. The Wix Chat app can have a notice added to it mentioning your are closed over the Christmas season and you will get back to them on your return etc.

  7. Don’t forget to add your out of office to your email accounts if you won’t be picking up your emails over the holiday period. This lets your customers know when to expect a reply from you when you return.


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