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How to schedule a blog post in advance in the Wix blog

Do you often forget to post your blog posts? Perhaps you've written them in advance but always forget to post them when you had meant for them to go live? Or perhaps you are struggling to get into a good blogging routine.

Well the new Wix blog now has the ability to preschedule your blog posts at a time to suit you. You can now schedule the exact time and date that you wish to have your blog post to go live and once it's set up you don't have to log back in to publish it.

To find out exactly how to schedule your blog posts in the new Wix Blog, check out our YouTube tutorial down below.

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Jack Torreto
Jack Torreto
Oct 01, 2023

The good thing is that the Wix platform, like many other website building platforms, allows you to schedule your blog posts in advance, including image adinkra pictures posts. It allows you to manage your content and publish new entries at the most convenient time.

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