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How you can do your bit as a small business owner to help support Ukraine

If you are looking for some ways your business can show its support for the people of Ukraine and condemn the violence, we have listed some ideas below:

  1. Donate some of the proceeds of each sale from your products over the next [set period of time] to go towards Ukraine support charities

  2. If you have a business that makes, produces or sells products such as medical supplies, camping style food with a long shelf life, bullet proof vests etc and things that support organisations are looking to send to the people of Ukraine, consider making a donation. You can find local Ukrainian support groups in your area and ask them what supplies they need most right now.

  3. Consider some fundraising activity that your employees can choose to get involved with and donate the proceeds to a charity

  4. Show you support with a badge or icon from Wix on your website:

Some official websites that are raising support/donations for Ukraine include, but are not limited to: International Committee of the Red Cross:

**Please note we recommend you research thoroughly any fundraiser/charity/organisation that is accepting/taking monetary donations before you donate to make sure they are legitimate and your money reaches those who need it most.**


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