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In the News: ‘Backdoor Attack’ on WordPress sites

News came out at the end of August of a new type of attack on WordPress sites of all sizes by cyber criminals.

The ongoing attack comes in the form of a website hacking campaign that started sometime in July 2019. The attack started out by redirecting browsers to sites with dodgy adverts and malicious software. However, it has now developed further with a researcher at the Defiant Threat Intelligence team reporting that the attack has now added additional scripts that tries to install a backdoor into the target site, meaning the hacker would have have full administrator rights of your site and be able to change or add anything they wish to your site without your knowledge. Scary right?

It is reported that attackers are accessing WordPress sites through third-party WordPress plugins, so be sure to update all your plugins and themes and check your site for updates regularly. To read the full article, please check the link listed below.

We would recommend actually scheduling time in your calendar to make sure to check for these. You should also consider using two-factor authentication for admin access.

If you are thinking of switching from WordPress to Wix (where all security updates are handled for you by Wix themselves), get in touch with us today for a FREE quote.

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