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Pandemic Predictions: Online shopping is here to stay

Since the start of the global pandemic back in March 2020, we have seen a huge increase in the number of queries for eCommerce site designs, redesigns and editing work on eCommerce sites. Where business owners have been desperately trying to increase, improve or start their online presence and allow their customers to shop their products from home.

This has been a worldwide trend, but particularly one we have seen in large numbers in South America, perhaps because of the lower numbers of business owners who had websites pre-pandemic, or perhaps due to the long quarantines and lockdowns this region has faced (as we write this Argentina is still in quarantine - the longest in the world).

Business owners are no longer taking a wait and see approach to how their business will operate in a pandemic, and are instead being proactive about increasing their online presence, whether they sell clothes, baby items, accessories, coaching services through Zoom, or are restaurant owners looking to to deliveries or click and collect type services. Online shopping has been a huge success for those business owners who have implemented it during the pandemic and is now seen as an absolute necessity for their business to continue to operate during any further lockdowns and quarantines or reduced hours.

“eMarketer recently predicted a $1.013 trillion holiday sales season for the retail sector as a whole — only the second season to top one trillion in history (and a 0.9 percent sales increase over last year). A majority of this growth is expected in online sales. Brick and mortar stores are expected to make up 81.2 percent of holiday sales, which is a 4.7 percent decline since last year. “ [source:]

“It’s difficult to predict if online sales will continue to prevail, or if — whenever the virus is finally under control — consumers will return to their favorite brick and mortar establishments.” [source:]

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