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Thinking of starting a blog and using Wix? Here’s our top tips

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions this year is to start a blog, we have some great top tips to help you get started using the Wix Blog:

- choose a good design/layout. Play around with the different blog page and post settings to see what works best for your subject matter and tone.

- do your research. Find topics you can discuss that might be trending or topical at the moment and create a discussion with your readers

- mix up your content. Think of different types of blog posts you could do: educational, topical/discussion piece, reviews, diary style, personal reflection etc

- get into a good routine and blog regularly, ideally a few times a week

- schedule your posts. Get organised and use the scheduling tool in the Wix Blog dashboard so you can schedule your posts in advance

- make sure to add lots of images, and even gifs and videos to really make your blog post come to life and make it appealing and visually stimulating to read

- stick to one blog style regarding fonts. Don't use a different font each time, instead try and stick to your font style and colour scheme from your site design. This will make it look professional

- switch on the social media sharing buttons on the posts so that your blog followers can share and promote your blog for you on their social media channels

- switch on the comment and like counters. Engage with your readers and allow them to comment and like your posts. This will give you a great idea of the content they enjoy and create a real discussion with them

- make use of Wix Multilingual features if you want to blog in multiple languages

- promote your latest blog posts in your newsletters and emails and on social media. Be sure to use key hashtags on social media to promote its key topics so people can find it

- check the statistics. See which types of posts are doing well and not so well and tailor and change your content accordingly

- consider adding ads to your blog to make money from advertisers

- consider monetizing your blog so your regular readers pay to read your latest blogs. You can do this by selecting the monetize option in the blog post settings when writing the post

- use apps like Wordtune to help you write the content and check for grammar and best ways to phrase things

- don't forget to share your blog with friends and family and your personal social media - this is a great way to get started building your audience and followers

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