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Tom Brady: A case study for us all on how to keep focused and achieve great things during a pandemic

Last night, Tom Brady and his team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did something incredible - they won the SuperBowl.

Tom Brady wins a 7th SuperBowl with the Buccaneers
Image source: USA TODAY Sports

For Quarterback, Tom Brady it was an almighty 7th Super Bowl win. A win with a team that he only joined this season (all previous 6 wins and last 20 years of his career were spent with his old team, the New England Patriots). Not to mention the fact that he is 43 years old … he has certainly defied the odds in a time where life has been uncertain and quite frankly scary. He took a leap of faith joining a new team, had a goal for this season and new team and he achieved it.

“Everybody believed we could win,” Brady said. ”All year we believed in ourselves” . His strong sense of belief in himself and his new team is quite extraordinary given this season was plagued by the pandemic - a time in which everything was uncertain, irregular and unnerving for many of us.

Pandemic or not, Tom Brady and his team persevered. They didn’t give up. Even when the Buccaneers were struggling mid season, he never seemed disheartened and instead rallied his team and built them back up.

In a time in which many of us are struggling and looking for hope and inspiration, Tom Brady seems to be a great role model or hero to look up to.

Just because times are hard and uncertain, keep focused on your goals, think of new ways to achieve them, think outside of the box and try doing them differently. Most importantly, don’t forget about your team - work together with your team and build that team up and keep them strong. Setting goals and building a strong team will help you achieve anything - whether its winning the NFL championship, or expanding your business during these uncertain times.

Keep focused on the end goal (or touchdown).


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