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TP digital expand their Latin American team to help businesses get online during COVID-19 quarantine

TP digital are proud to announce the expansion and development of our Latin American Wix design agency business, with dedicated South American based design teams and Spanish and Portuguese customer support.

Since the end of March, when lockdown for COVID-19 began, we have been working hard to grow our team so we can help business owners based in South America get their businesses back up and running and making money during these difficult times. COVID-19 has been difficult for business owners worldwide, but we feel it has had a particularly devastating effect for those based in South America as many have little if any online presence.

For founders, Julie London and Raúl Schweizer, who were based out of the Argentinian office when Argentina closed borders and introduced mandatory quarantine, they saw first hand how the lockdowns were causing problems for businesses and causing many to shut up doors for good. With Argentina facing one of the longest lockdowns in the world, they were keen to help support business owners and give them affordable solutions to getting their businesses up and running online and continue trading throughout quarantine, whilst still obeying government restrictions.

By July 2020, we had put our team together and since then we have already helped 30 South American businesses building, editing and redesigning their Wix websites to help them increase their online presence and offer their products online. We have seen a huge increase in South American based visitors to our site and in South American Wix Marketplace project requests as a result and are looking forward to working with many more in the coming months.

TP digital now offers a range of Wix services to Spanish and Portuguese clients in South America, with direct communication via email, WhatsApp and zoom calls in these languages. South American services include: Wix web design, Wix website redesign, Wix website editing/troubleshooting, Wix SEO setup and social media management services.

Don’t let COVID-19 stop your business aspirations this year, instead maximise your online presence with a great Wix website and great social media posts and we are confident this will help you maintain and grow your customer base. To find out more on how TP digital can help your South American business, please contact Raúl Schweizer, LATAM Project Director here.

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Aug 29, 2021

Good readding

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