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Upgrade your old Wix Store to the new Wix Store before the deadline of October 29th 2020

Have you received an email from Wix telling you to upgrade your old Wix store because it is no longer supported? Wix have now extended the deadline to do thus until the 29th October 2020, so that you can save your store order history and product information.

It is important that you do this and upgrade to the new Wix Store as old version stores will be made inactive and removed, which will mean that your customers will no longer be able to shop from them and make purchases and your business will stop receiving orders and payments from it.

If you have an old store and want to continue selling with Wix, here’s how.

To ensure none of your data is lost, download and save your product and order data from your Old Online Store(s) before October 29, 2020:

- Only sites with the old version will appear in the site list.

- To download the product data, click Get eCommerce Products Data under each site.

- Important: Enter each site separately to download the store information from each domain.

Step 3: Follow the guide to add the Wix Stores app (Note: You will need to install the Wix Stores app separately for each site using the old version.)

Step 4: Now, upload your product catalog.

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