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Website accessibility and why it's so important

Website accessibility has hit the news headlines recently, especially in the USA with many big corporations falling victim to their websites not being fully accessible to people with disabilities and as a result having large lawsuits filed against them.

We thought we would take a look at just why website accessibility is so important for any business, big or small, wherever you are in the world.

Making your website accessible not only protects you from similar lawsuits as Dominos in the USA recently experienced, but also allows you to attract more customers. According to UserWay, one in five of your customers need help with viewing your website in an accessible way due to a disability. Have a think about that for a moment. That’s potentially a fifth of your customer base. If they can’t access your website easily and correctly and make a purchase, that means that you may lose a fifth of the potential sales you could make.

We found this video from blind YouTuber Molly Burke, particularly insightful in just how blind and disabled visitors may have trouble navigating around websites and making an online purchase. Take a look at the video and see where she had trouble using a website for online shopping - would your own business’s website have similar problems?

How to make your Wix site accessible:

2. Add an accessibility widget such as UserWay - we can install this for you alongside an Accessibility disclaimer page and text for a flat fee of £35.00, book this service via our 1-hour site editing service here .

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