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Weekly website maintenance checklist

You’ve built your website, you’ve had a successful launch … so your website work is done, right? ... Wrong! ... A good website needs to be properly maintained and updated regularly.

Here’s our quick weekly maintenance guide for your website (feel free to print this off and keep it next to your computer or in your planner):

1. Blog 🔲

Have you written and scheduled your blog posts this week? Ideally you want to be blogging regularly at regular times for maximum SEO benefits. You should be blogging at least once a week.

Posts should be related to your business announcing your latest news, as well as things/debates/news related to your industry as a whole. Don't forget to add hashtags, alt tags and categories to your blog posts to make them easy to find in search results.

2. Is your e-Commerce store up to date? 🔲

If you have an e-Commerce site, you will need to check your products regularly (at least once a week - perhaps a Monday to ensure your week starts off on the right foot).

Do you have new services you want to promote t? Then don't forget to add them to your site - whether it is creating a new section or a dedicated page to the new section. hing, this needs updating on your online store). Keeping on top of these things will make for smooth running of your e-Commerce store and avoid unnecessary delays or problems with supply for customers.

3. New services? 🔲

Do you have new services you want to promote to your customers? Then don't forget to add them to your site - whether it is creating a new section within your services page or creating a whole new dedicated page to the new service.

Customers like updates, so be sure to promote the new service on your homepage, as well as your email marketing/newsletters and of course on your social media posts.

4. Booking system 🔲

Are you available every day this week for people to make appointments? Do you need to revise the calendar if you or another staff member are already pre-booked? Don't forget to block out your holidays when you book them.

5. Mobile site 🔲

Have you made some design changes to your desktop site? Don’t forget to update these on your mobile site. It’s always worth checking your mobile site once a week to ensure everything looks and works how you want it to

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Maintaining a website is like tending to a thriving garden. Regular care ensures it blossoms with Balance And Harmony For Life. In this weekly checklist, we skip the buzzwords and focus on practical tasks: fixing broken links, updating software, and ensuring forms work seamlessly.


As a Dentist in Massapequa, I appreciate the parallels between maintaining oral health and website upkeep. Just as we care for our patients’ smiles, regular website checkups are vital. From fixing broken links to updating software, these tasks ensure optimal performance. Let’s embrace holistic practices and empower our online presence!”


egular website maintenance is like caring for your car’s windshield. Just as you’d opt for an affordable windshield replacement, ensure your website stays safe and functional. Check for broken links, update plugins, and optimize performance. It’s the road to a glitch-free online journey!

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