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Wix SEO tips and tricks: Long tail keywords and why they are important in improving your SEO

When clients ask us to set up their Wix SEO, we ask them to supply us with a list of ten keywords they would like their site found by in Google and other search engines. Most of the time the keywords we receive back from the client are one-word phrases, a business name or a location.

But did you know we can add long tail keywords to your Wix SEO and that these actually perform better? And no it’s not some weird magical creature with a long tail, no dragons or mythical beasts here. A long tail keyword is a keyword that is longer and more descriptive containing anything from three words up.

When setting up your SEO it is important to think of your competition and how many of your keywords they might also be using, what makes you stand out from the crowd as these are what should be used in your keywords. One-word keyword phrases such as “hairdresser” are extremely competitive with lots of people using them and someone searching for this will be presented with a vast amount of results from everything from hairdressing salons, hairdressing courses, famous hairdressers, products and more. Whereas those searching for “hairdressers in London specialising in rainbow hair colouring” knows exactly which service they are looking for and the location. The search results will likely be very specific and the searcher should be able to easily find a result that will interest them quickly (rather than scrolling through thousands of results as in the case of “hairdresser”) and then swiftly book their appointment.

Reasons to focus on using long tail keywords when setting up your SEO:

1. Low competition - small business owners should always try and be as specific as possible in their SEO as this will help them get a better ranking as less people will be looking for those keywords than one generic keyword that everyone in your sector may use.

2. Better conversion rate

3. Better click-through rate

4. More personal searches - many people now search for things that are tailored for them, everything from “what should I have for lunch” to “what hairstyle suits my face shape” - so consider adding long tail keywords that may answer these searches.

5. The answer to voice search queries - with the rise of people using voice-activated devices, the way people searched the web has changed. People are instead asking questions out loud while driving, at a cafe or walking. And guess what? Using long tail keywords will mean you could be the answer to these trendy voice queries.

Need some further help setting up your SEO? Book one of our SEO packages here or get in touch with our team today.

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