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Wix acquires Modalyst - a marketplace and dropshipping platform

This latest acquisition means that Wix merchants can connect to supplier marketplaces where they can source a variety of different products and sync these direct to their store, sell them and then also automatically fulfil the orders by sending the relevant fulfilment details to the dropshipper supplier.

“With the acquisition of Modalyst, Wix business owners can connect their online store to a marketplace of suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers where they have access to products spanning name brands, trending items, and independent labels, with the option to white-label products with their own branding.

Merchants can then import the products directly to their online store, including details and image options from the supplier, which continually update with the suppliers' pricing and inventory. When a purchase is placed, orders are packaged and fulfilled by the supplier and can be branded for a full white-label solution. The merchant receives tracking numbers and is updated on the fulfilment status of each order via their Wix dashboard.” [Source: ]

“We’re proud to welcome Modalyst to expand the infrastructure of Wix eCommerce,” said Arik Perez, Head of Wix eCommerce. “Connecting merchants directly to a full supplier hub allows them to expand their own product offering and helps new businesses establish themselves by connecting with vetted suppliers with access to private labels and dropshipping. This offers merchants a convenient way to sell a large variety of products, test new and trending markets and ultimately expand their reach. Merchants can significantly scale their businesses and in providing them with a native solution, we can help them continue to maximize their store footprint, all in one place from the Wix platform.” [Source: ]


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