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Wix Logo Maker: An Honest Review

Last month, Wix launched its latest new product - the Wix Logo Maker - aimed at allowing anyone to make a professional logo without the help of a designer. But just how good is it and how does it work? 

We tested it out for you and below you will find our unbiased opinions and recommendations.

How does it work?

1. Go to Wix Logo Maker site:

2. Login to your Wix site then if required select “New logo”

3. Then you will be asked to enter the name of your business and a tagline (if you have one).

4. Next you pick adjectives that best describe your brand - you can select as many as are relevant.

5. Now vote on some logo options and whether you like or dislike the style and colour scheme. This allows Logo Maker to find your style.

6. Finally select your favourite version that have been created for you

7. Make any edits to colour scheme or fonts.

8. Download your free logo 

Our review:


- Easy to use

- Some level of adaptability with regards to fonts, colours and icons

- High resolution file download option so you can use it for business cards and promotional marketing materials as well as your Wix website

- Saves previous work in your account so you can easily return to a design or start a new one


- Not much option for customisation as can’t import images or graphics or upload your own fonts

- Can’t add more than one icon/shape so not suitable for more complex designs

- Not completely free (only the free sample is free). To download the high resolution files that you will require for promotional marketing materials, there is a fee of £34.74 to download the professional logo version and £9.03 for the basic logo version

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