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Wix Tips: French data privacy guidelines require a "Decline All" option in cookie banners

Is your business based in France or do you get site visitors or customers from France? New French data privacy guidelines require a "Decline All" button option in your cookies banner on your website.

To check whether your site receives French visitors, you can check your site analytics and view the country stats. (see the Traffic by location section of this page for detailed instructions on how to see your website traffic reports.)

Wix state the following: "For sites based in France, or sites that receive visitors from France, the French data authority (CNIL) recently revised their guidelines on cookies and similar technologies. These guidelines state that visitors should be able to refuse non-essential cookies as easily they can give consent.

To comply with the CNIL guidelines and, therefore, encourage trust from your site visitors, we recommend you add a Decline All button to your cookie banner."

To add a "Decline all" button to your cookies banner on your Wix site, it is very simple by simply editing it in your cookie settings. You can find instructions on how to do this here:


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