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Live-stream virtual workouts with the upgraded Wix Fit

Do you own a gym or fitness studio? Or are you a personal trainer? Then are you aware of Wix Fit and are you making the most of its platform to boost your fitness business?

Wix has recently upgraded its Wix Fit platform to include more tools to help fitness professionals like yourselves to manage and grow their business, as well as engage with their customers online. With the new Wix Fit, there’s the ability to manage classes and calendars from one dashboard, accept online bookings, and receive payments using a range of payment providers including Wix Payments.

The latest updates to the Wix Fit platform include live-streaming virtual workout sessions, new online workout challenges, as well as allowing you to sell or rent your fitness content on-demand through membership services and bundle packages.

Wix Fit users also have automatic access to Wix’s native mobile apps. With the app, they have the ability to book classes, access virtual content and track performance with their trainers and even then also interact with other studio members who use the app.

Wix says that since the beginning of 2020 and the start of the pandemic, 44% of Wix Fit businesses that have been created are either hybrid or completely virtual and online.

“Running a fitness business today is dynamic and constantly evolving, and we’re proud to provide fitness professionals with a complete solution to manage their business and drive growth for their brand,” said Head of Wix Fit, Sarig Reichert.

“In today’s landscape, fitness professionals need to be able to pivot at any time, and the industry is heavily leaning into more hybrid approaches to working out. Wix Fit was designed alongside professional trainers and studio owners in order to meet their needs and demands and provides them the opportunity to maximize their footprint on both web and mobile, engage with customers virtually and run their brick and mortar to ultimately future-proof their business.”

Find out more about Wix Fit here: .

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