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New from Wix: Adding and Customising an appointment form

You can now schedule appointments seamlessly with a custom appointment form on your site that guides clients through every step of your booking flow.

By adding a custom appointment form to your site, clients can book their sessions faster. You will also be able to gather the details you need from one place.

How to add an appointment form to your site

The appointment form is a great way to let your clients book your one-on-one sessions quickly. They choose the relevant location, staff member, date and time. They then enter their contact details and answer any questions you add to the appointment booking form.

To add an appointment form to your site:

  1. Click Add on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Click Bookings.

  3. Click Appointment Form.

  4. Click or drag the Appointment Form to add it to the relevant page.

  5. Click the Appointment Form in the Editor.

  6. Click Settings.

  7. Select the relevant appointment you want to display.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Click Publish.

How to customise your appointment form

The appointment form widget is made up of sections and subsections, each of which you can customise. Click once to select the whole widget and edit the background, access the settings, add a border, and more. Then, click again to select and customise a subsection.

To customise your appointment form:

  1. In the Editor, go to the page on your site with the Appointment Form widget.

  2. Click the Appointment Form widget in your Editor.

  3. Choose what you want to customise:

Widget elements

Choose which details you want to display in the Appointment Form widget including the duration, price and location. The more details you display, the easier it is for clients to get booking.

  1. Click Elements .

  2. Select the checkbox beside each of the elements you want to display on the form:

    • Duration

    • Price

    • Location


Customise the elements inside the appointment widget to suit your brand and highlight certain details of your service.

  1. Click Design .

  2. Adjust the design of the text, background colour, borders, corners and more for the following widget elements:

    • Input fields

    • Book Button

    • Background

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