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How to organise your website ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales less than two weeks away now, have you started thinking about your website plan for the sales? Perhaps you’re wondering if it is really worth it given the current economic crisis.

“A recent survey showed that 88% of consumers are worried about the cost of living, with 20% expecting to have significantly lower budgets for the festive period. However, despite this, 91% of respondents are still planning as much, if not more, engagement with Black Friday sales this year compared to last year.” (Source)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales could be more important to both your business and your customers than ever before. Customers are on the hunt for the best deals they can find in the run up to Christmas and the holiday season. No matter your business, now is the time to attract new and regular customers to shop with some great deals.

Don't worry if you haven't started thinking about your plan of attack, we've listed our top tips below so you can still have a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Our top tips to help you plan and market your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales promotions:

1. Think about what deals you want to create for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Think about your business goals and what stock you have. What are you hoping to achieve in your sales. Think about what products you have that are popular and those that you have excess stock of - now is a great time to offer this at reduced prices and clear your stock ready for new year.

2. Create sale banners that attract attention

You may wish to hire a graphic designer or marketing agency to do this, but if your budget is smaller, you can create beautiful professional graphics using online software like Canva that has templates pre-set for different social media ads and posts. Don’t forget to also create banners to go on your website promoting the sales and deals.

3. Start teasing your deals through social media and email marketing before your sale starts

This creates suspense and means you can reach out to both regular customers and new customers promoting your deals before your sales start. You can even schedule this in with paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google.

4. Make sure you have the “recover abandoned carts” switched on in your eCommerce site

This allows you to automatically email your customers who complete the registration process but do not complete checkout and encourages them to complete the sale. On average cart abandonment rate on Black Friday to Cyber Monday can be as high as 65% so you want to make sure to convert as many of these sales as possible.

5. Email marketing campaign:

Prepare your email marketing campaign in advance so it is ready to go out. Here are some of our suggestions:

- Announce the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and tease your deals

- Send out a last reminder before sale ends or specific deals close

- You could add an additional discount code or early bird access to the sales for your subscribers.


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