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New: Vector Art & how to use them on your website to create impact

Today, Wix launched Vector Art - a collection of over 3,000 illustrations that you can customise and use on your website for FREE!

Cute motifs are a hot trend right now, not just in web design but also in the fashion world. Thanks to the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana, trainers, bags, scarfs, hats, and an array of clothes in the last year have been adorned with cute badges and embroidered motifs, from hearts and stars to tigers, cats, dogs and dragons. Thanks to Wix Vector Art, you can now create a similar effect on your website.

Vector Art will look great as accent illustrations on your site, adorning banners, callouts, promotions, normal text, headers and footers. You could even use one of them to create your logo and animate it - the options are pretty much endless.

You can even play with the settings of each vector art, adjusting the opacity and colour to suit your style and make it your own. The great thing about vectors is that they are perfectly scalable, which means that no matter how large or small you scale them to be, you won't lose the sharpness and image quality will be maintained.

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