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    Book a FREE telephone consultation with our Creative Director to discuss your web design and functionality needs (Duration: up to 30 minutes.) Please note telephone calls will be made to UK phone numbers only. For international calls, we will arrange to call you via Skype, so please leave your Skype details on the booking form. ***Please note we do not currently have any booking slots available to start work on projects in September, the earliest slots we currently have are from October onwards to start work on new sites. ***

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  • Wix Tips: How to customise your chatbox to fit your business branding

    You've spent a long time working on your website and making it fit your custom business branding, but did you know that you can also now fully customise your chatbox's design too? By making your website branding cohesive you give peace of mind and confidence to your customer and also project a professional image. You can now choose colours and fonts that match the rest of your site, as well as add your logo to the chatbox's header and minimised chat to further increase your brand consistency. To design your chatbox: Click the chatbox in the Editor. Click Settings. Click the Design tab. (Optional) Click the Upload icon to update your business logo that appears in the chatbox heading and when the chat is minimized. Click Minimized Chat to customize the design when the chatbox is minimized on your live site. Find out more at:

  • Wix acquires Modalyst - a marketplace and dropshipping platform

    This latest acquisition means that Wix merchants can connect to supplier marketplaces where they can source a variety of different products and sync these direct to their store, sell them and then also automatically fulfil the orders by sending the relevant fulfilment details to the dropshipper supplier. “With the acquisition of Modalyst, Wix business owners can connect their online store to a marketplace of suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers where they have access to products spanning name brands, trending items, and independent labels, with the option to white-label products with their own branding. Merchants can then import the products directly to their online store, including details and image options from the supplier, which continually update with the suppliers' pricing and inventory. When a purchase is placed, orders are packaged and fulfilled by the supplier and can be branded for a full white-label solution. The merchant receives tracking numbers and is updated on the fulfilment status of each order via their Wix dashboard.” [Source: ] “We’re proud to welcome Modalyst to expand the infrastructure of Wix eCommerce,” said Arik Perez, Head of Wix eCommerce. “Connecting merchants directly to a full supplier hub allows them to expand their own product offering and helps new businesses establish themselves by connecting with vetted suppliers with access to private labels and dropshipping. This offers merchants a convenient way to sell a large variety of products, test new and trending markets and ultimately expand their reach. Merchants can significantly scale their businesses and in providing them with a native solution, we can help them continue to maximize their store footprint, all in one place from the Wix platform.” [Source: ] Sources:

  • New payment option, Pix, is now available for Brazilian Wix eCommerce users

    Earlier this month, Wix announced that it is now possible to accept payments instantly through Pix through Wix Pagamentos, their native payment provider. With Pix and Wix you as a store owner will pay a low, fixed processing rate of just 0.95% per transaction - making it the perfect solution for startups, small businesses and larger businesses based in Brazil looking for eCommerce solutions. Informações Gerais Países suportados: Brasil. Moedas aceitas: Real (BRL). Taxa de transação: 0,95% por pagamento finalizado. Para conectar o Pix é preciso ter uma conta do Wix Pagamentos Brasil. Essa transação não pode ser efetuada via cartão de crédito. Esse método de pagamento não entra no modelo de antecipação automática, já que o valor da transação estará disponível em tempo real na sua conta do Wix Pagamentos. O seu cliente terá 15 minutos para efetuar o pagamento com Pix, podendo optar por escanear o QR Code ou copiar e colar o código fornecido no aplicativo do banco. Caso o tempo se esgote, o código Pix expira e o comprador precisa efetuar o pedido novamente para receber um novo código. Ele também terá a opção de selecionar um método de pagamento diferente. Read more here:

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  • TP digital | Wix website design agency | London, UK | Home

    TP DIGITAL SIMPLY CHIC WIX WEB DESIGN Are you looking to build, edit or redesign your company's website? We've been building Wix websites for over nine years for a range of clients worldwide from artists, small businesses, online shops and restaurants, to jewellery designers and even record labels. We work closely with our clients to create and design their website according to their preferences. At TP digital, our bespoke website design services are tailored to suit the needs of each unique client. Find out more about us > 01 SERVICES We offer a range of freelance Wix design, editing, troubleshooting and management services at different price points to suit your needs and budgets. WEB DESIGN GET A QUOTE > WEB REDESIGN GET A QUOTE > WEB EDITING LOGO DESIGN GET A QUOTE > MAINTENANCE GET A QUOTE > GET A QUOTE > 02 ABOUT TP digital design all of our websites to be user friendly for both our clients and their customers. We design our bespoke sites from scratch (no templates) and build in additional functions and design features to suit your needs and brief. We can also customise a Wix template if you would prefer, or redesign your old site to give it a makeover with a fresh design or added functionality. ​ Our team contain Wix Webmasters who are certified and trained by Wix themselves. We are proud to have been listed in the Wix Marketplace as a Wix Pro Designer for over six years and Wix Partner Agency for over a year. Read more > 03 CLIENT REVIEWS " I've worked with Julie at TP digital for the last five years and have always found her hard working, friendly and very efficient. The work is of a consistent high standard and Julie is ​always pushing the boundaries in terms of the latest thinking around development and user experience. Julie is creative, sticks to the brief and deadlines, adds design thinking value when required, and offers great value for money. She should actually charge more for the high skill set she brings to projects! ​ Julie is also a lovely person to work with. I would happily recommend her and TP digital to any potential clients. " - PHIL SHIRLEY Owner & Marketing Entrepreneur, Phil Shirley Marketing 04 CONTACT I agree to the terms & conditions Submit Thanks for your message! 05 LATEST NEWS Wix Tips: How to customise your chatbox to fit your business branding 3 Wix acquires Modalyst - a marketplace and dropshipping platform 8 New payment option, Pix, is now available for Brazilian Wix eCommerce users 3

  • TP digital | Wix website design agency | London, UK | FAQs

    FAQs HOW IS TP DIGITAL DIFFERENT FROM OTHER WEBSITE DESIGNERS? TP digital specialise in Wix website design. We only build Wix websites and focus on being the best Wix website designers we can by trialling the latest Wix technology alongside the latest design and colour trends. Unlike many other website designers, we focus on building our clients a beautiful functional website that is easy for them to manage themselves through the Wix editor. We think we've done our jobs well if you don't need us to update your site's contents. (Of course, we do offer site editing and management services if you would prefer us to manage your site content for you!) ​ ​ WHAT WIX SERVICES DOES TP DIGITAL OFFER? TP digital offer a range of wix website design and management services including: Basic Wix website design for information type websites, eCommerce Wix website design for eCommerce shopping websites, Wix website review for tips and suggestions on how to improve your Wix website, Wix-pert help service for problems you may be having with your Wix website, and Wix website content management services (where we manage your site content and updates for you). We also offer Wix website redesign services, Wix code services and SEO services. Further details and prices can be found on our Services page . DO I HAVE TO GIVE YOU MY WIX LOGIN AS I'M WORRIED ABOUT SECURITY? TP digital are a trusted supplier of Wix website design services having worked with clients around the world and will only use any passwords or login details with your permission for the work requested by you only. You do not have to give us your Wix login details if you are concerned about security, instead you can either transfer the site to us to work on and once complete we transfer it back, or Wix have just invented a great new tool for its designers- you can add us as an admin to your site so we can edit it for you without ever needing your login permissions. ​ ​ HOW DO YOU WORK? We work remotely allowing us to keep costs down and pass these savings onto our clients. If you would like some help with your wix website you can contact us by email, our quote request form or by PeoplePerHour or the Wix Arena. Alternatively if you would like one of our designers to speak with you, please send us an email to so we can arrange a convenient time to speak with you either on the phone or by skype. ​ ​ DO YOU WORK ONLY USING THE WIX PLATFORM, AND IF SO WHY? Yes, we are a Wix website design agency specialising only in working with and designing Wix websites. We used to build websites using other types of website design software, such as Joomla, MeanStacks, JavaScript and WordPress, but found that actually Wix was a much better option for our clients for a number of reasons: 1. Cost effective - Wix websites are a lot quicker for us to build for our clients (even the bespoke designs) as we are focusing on the design only and not the coding. By cutting out the coding and need for a developer, we can build sites quicker and at a lower rate. 2. Versatility - The only limit to Wix websites is your imagination. Due to the advances with the Wix editor we can do most things design wise and can find workarounds for any problems. 3. Easy for clients to manage themselves - One of the biggest advantages for us using Wix to build websites for our clients, is that many clients are looking for an easy to use site that they can manage themselves without the need for any coding. Wix's easy to use "drag-and-drop" editor means our clients not only get a great looking website but also the ability to easily manage it themselves and change ANY part of it without any coding. 4. Works on all devices - Wix websites are built as responsive websites and are viewable on all devices across all web browsers and software. A Wix website will perform just as well on a desktop computer as a mobile or tablet device. In fact Wix sites have a special mobile site builder option that allows for many additional mobile friendly features such as mobile quick contact buttons to appear at the bottom of every screen and an easy to use menu navigation. 5. Great with SEO - Many people are concerned that a website built using a website builder like Wix won't perform as well with SEO as a website built traditionally using Joomla, JavaScript or WordPress. This is not the case. Wix websites have been proven to perform as well as, if not better than traditionally built websites or even WordPress! ​ HOW LONG DOES AN AVERAGE PROJECT TAKE? For an average Wix website design project of around five pages, we would estimate a total build time of around two weeks. This includes the design time and editing. However, for more complex builds the build time can vary. We can also build one-page websites very quickly - within a few days turnaround! Get in touch with us today for a quote and estimated build time.

  • TP digital | Wix website design agency | London, UK | Portfolio

    GRAPHIC DESIGN PORTFOLIO Here you can check out our latest graphic and logo design work for our clients around the world. To book graphic design or logo work, click here . Alternatively, you can also get in touch with our team for a free quote. ​ To view the image full size, please click on the thumbnail and then it will be displayed in a pop-up screen. Out of gallery

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